Characteristics Of A Beauty Essay: Imperfection Is Beauty

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Imperfection is Beauty Everyone is different in their own way. No one is exactly perfect. We all have our weak qualities in life, but along with those weak qualities we have positive ones about us. I especially have many weak points about myself tolerance, confidence and contentment. Along with all of the weak qualities I express many positive qualities trust, compassion, and orderliness. I have weak qualities about myself. A weak quality I have is tolerance. Tolerating someone is easier said than done. Take it from me, someone who knows about having to tolerate people and challenges in life. I am able to tolerate many people, or events that happen in life, but there are some challenges in life that are extremely hard to tolerate. Tolerance is a quality that I would like to learn to be able to be better at. I need to learn more on how to be patient and tolerate people. I do not only struggle with tolerance I find myself struggling with confidence as well.…show more content…
I have confidence, but I do need to work on it more. Some say that I am smart, beautiful, and amazing. All of these qualities about me are true, but I do have a problem with being confident in myself. Sometimes I lack confidence because I stress myself out to where I am afraid of being wrong or doing badly on a test even if I studied for it. For example, my CNA class, Is a class that I struggle being confident in. I know I can do it, but it is a matter of not stressing out over it. When I stress out too much I lose confidence in myself. I get so nervous about doing tasks wrong or not completing them the way that they need to be completed that I eventually lose confidence in myself. I am working on being more confident and knowing that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Being content counts just as much as being confident in

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