Characteristics Of A Butterfly

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There are many groups of insects exist in this world. Butterfly is categorized as the largest group of insects that can be found in many regions. They are very distinctive and capture human eyes with their wings. The wings of butterfly are fascinating because they have tiny overlapping scales which give them their often exquisite and elegant colouration. If observed carefully, these scales are arranged absolutely like the slates on the roof of a house (Wood, 1993). However, they can easily rub off and the colouration spoiled when they are roughly handled. Usually, most people do not know that butterflies have their close relative insects, which look similar, known as moths. But, they are slightly different. According to entomologists, both are classified in one group called Lepidoptera. Lepidoptera is widely known with their wings that various in colours and patterns, which are based on their food source. On the contrary, moths have wings that flat over the bodies while butterflies are in vertically upright position. Moreover, butterflies usually have brightly colour compared to moths that typically drab and dull. In general, butterflies have three major characteristics which are physiology, developmental stages and also adaptation (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). First and the foremost, all living things in this world are known as organisms that live with a working system, called the body system. There are many systems in the body which are important in butterfly life.

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