Characteristics Of A Hero In The Hobbit

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Heroes are people who are usually admired for noble and desirable qualities who have completed at least one task deeming them this title. Most people have their own definition to what makes a hero, but there are certain aspects and qualities that turn up more frequently in these self-definitions. In the novel The Hobbit, the main protagonist, Bilbo Baggins the hobbit, is portrayed as a hero, as most protagonists in books are. One question that goes with this though, is if Biblo really can use the title “hero.” Based on the most important and recurring features of heroes, Bilbo Baggins can most definitely be confirmed to be adjudged a hero.

One main aspect that makes a hero is their readiness to sacrifice something of theirs or themself for the benefit of others. In the article What Makes A Hero, the patient mentioned before donated a kidney to his brother, even though “this was back when most AIDS patients died no matter what we did—a fact my patient knew himself when he gave him his kidney,” (Lickerman 1). To give up a vital organ despite the odds of the receiver dying being so high is incredibly noble, and definitely falls under the “hero” category. It’s also very similar to what Bilbo did when secretly giving the Arkenstone to Bard to try and prevent a war from happening. “‘You miserable hobbit! You undersized—burglar!’ he shouted at a loss for words, and he shook poor Bilbo like a rabbit,” as Thorin said to the hobbit after finding out of his betrayal of sorts, (Tolkien
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