Characteristics Of A Leader In 1984 By George Orwell

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Being a leader of any kind consists of having power. The best way to gain this power is to be loved. To be feared or to be loved is the big question every leader must answer through their reign. Citizens who love their leader will show respect, will not overthrow their leader, and when inspired make a much greater impact on their work. Respect is the most basic foundation of love; it ensures that a relationship stays strong. If a nation doesn 't have respect for its ruler, it can fall apart. When a leader respects his people the people will return that respect and want to work harder. A leader who is respected will give inspiration to his people. Respect is something you earn; by leading through your actions rather than your words. People who are treated with respect by their leader will wish to do more for those who lead them by love.…show more content…
If love is given by a leader the people will not wish for that to change. A leader who rules by love will not be overthrown by his people; not because it would be difficult but because there is no reason the people would want their loving surroundings to change. If people are loved they will not wish to get rid of their ruler. In the book 1984, the society is controlled by fear, although there is a very low number of people who wish to go against the ways of the society there still are a few rebels. If this society was controlled through love rather than fear the society as a whole may have had more respect for their leaders and not have tried to rebel. When leaders show their people love they will not try to overthrow the leader and may even feel inspired to work harder for those who show them that
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