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Life coaching What is a life coach? A life coach is an individual who helps the client in achieving their goals. This goals can be short term or long term goals. These goals can be financial, relationship, personal, organizational or a spiritual one. The term 'life' means existence and the term 'coach' means a trainer or an instructor. Moreover, when we put these 2 terms together as 'life coach', it would mean a trainer who helps in distinguishing relevant and existing things. Also, when we talk about the client it doesn't necessarily mean a single person. All in all, it could be a group of people or even an entire organization. Additionally, a life coach is an expert in SWOT Analysis. Here, SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities…show more content…
He doesn't jump to any conclusion quickly, nor does he judge you. An ideal life coach exhibits an impartial behavior towards everything. He doesn't do an action on his own and instead, chalks out a blueprint on which you should work. Moreover, a life coach can be less sympathetic and may not show any empathy towards you. This is because, he looks at you from a different perspective and doesn't let his emotions hamper your or his judgement. Benefits of taking guidance under a life coach Fresh Perspective: Yes, a life coach can bring in some perspective that may be, way beyond your imagination. They help you to observe challenges within unchallenging tasks. Conversely, they may help you to loosen up certain restrictions that you may have imposed upon yourself. Achieving goals sooner: A life coach helps you to realize your obstacles and effectively thwart them off. This makes it easier for the client to achieve his goals much quicker. Balancing work and life: The work-life balance takes the first hit in case things don't work out as expected. Constant stress and obligations can make things deteriorate in no time. A life coach helps you to sort your work and life by isolating them first and not bringing them in either's

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