Characteristics Of A Nursing Interview

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1. Interviewer- What do you bring to this position? How do you stand out from the other applicants? Interviewee- Interviewee- I stand out from all the other candidates because I’m already an employee your health system. In my present position, I exhibit all the qualities that you look for in a nurse. On my last review, I received a 4, which is the highest merit that you can receive on 2. Interviewer- What did you particularly like about your last position? Interviewee- I loved my patients and team. I absolutely love being able to provide quality care to my patients and enriching their lives as much as I possibly could. I also worked with a phenomenal group of nurses. They exhibited the quality of nursing that I hope to provide to my patients now and in the future. 3. Interviewer- What 's your most important professional achievement? Interviewee- My most important person achievement would have to be obtaining my nursing degree. I never in my life worked for something so hard. I found out a lot about myself. I learned that I can do anything that I set my mind to. 4. Interviewer- What are the necessary qualities for a nurse to possess? Interviewee- It is my opinion that a nurse must have integrity and compassion. If you do not honesty and strong upright morals, then you should not be in this profession. Our very being stands on being honest to ourselves, our patients and our colleagues. Also, in order to be honest with our patients, you must also instill compassion.

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