Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

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It was said that "Those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan." (Churchill, 2016). A Project Manager is the person who is responsible and undertakes the initiative to lead a project from the beginning to the end/inception to execution. These tasks include planning, managing, executing, resources and the scope of the project. The purpose and aim of this report is to present a deeper insight into the life of a project manager, information about
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The Project Manager should have a complete understanding and knowledge with regards to the field of study. An important quality that a Project Manager should have is being able to work under pressure, in this particular field of work, you are bound to encounter challenges on a weekly basis and a Project Manager should have the temperament to deal with difficult situations. As the Project Manager, your main objective would be to complete the project within the designated timeframe without any interruptions or disagreements between team members, it is therefore imperative to use discretion and objectivity during the project, with these qualities, it may decrease the chance of in-fighting and disagreements amongst project team members. Therefore it is imperative for the Project Manager to share his vision of the project with his/her team members from the first day, it’ll give team members a description of what is required of…show more content…
Good relationships can be the difference between outstanding success and dismal failure because it's all about getting people to like and trust you so that they will deliver what you need them to deliver at the right time in the right way”. (Young, 2009) The relationship between a Project Manager and Team Members is based on communication and accountability and establishing a culture that favours relationship. It is often said that the project managers which are most likely to succeed are usually those who tend to develop a common culture within the project team. Creating this type of a so called ‘healthy culture’ will help establish rapport with fellow team members. Culture is all about one’s values and tends to emulate a culture whereby people care about each other, in this case we refer to the Project Manager and Team Members. It is important to note that you as the Project Manager may not always agree with a fellow team members suggestion but it is important to value and listen to their point of view, it shows that the Project Manager respects the Team Members right to express his/her view even though it is different to

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