Characteristics Of A Registered Nurse

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What does it take to be a registered nurse? What are the qualities you need to become a nurse? The nursing profession is as much about kindness and caring for the whole person as it is about medical and technical knowledge. When considering a career as a registered nurse the qualifications can appear to be never-ending, however, with dedication, determination, and support, these qualifications are easily met. But it is the numerous traits and skills that enable a person to become a successful registered nurse. There are six key traits one must embrace in order to succeed as a registered nurse. These are: knowledge, respect, calm under pressure, detail-oriented, communication, and compassion. Some of these traits will come naturally, while others may be learned, and possibly enhanced, through education. When combined, these traits will make one successful in the nursing profession. During the education period, the nursing student will learn the necessary skill sets and subjects relevant to the nursing practice at, and above, the level of degree the student is pursuing, along with on the job training, in order to ensure that the baseline knowledge is adequate. There is a lot of technical and clinical information that the one will need as a nurse: critical thinking and communication skills, patient assessment skills, understanding disease management protocols and development of care plans (just to name a few), most of which is only obtainable through college or technical

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