Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur Essay

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A successful entrepreneur

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All entrepreneurs are not created with the same characteristics. They come from different area, different social classes with different education, from different family which can have different conviction. But, all successful entrepreneurs must have some skills, traits or characteristics that make them what they are.

The most important skills, traits or characteristics that an entrepreneur most have

A successful entrepreneur must have a high level of confidence to be able to get the job done, even under the most stressful conditions. Big rewards come from big challenges. Other may see, in an occasion, a challenge, but the successful entrepreneur must see an opportunity and he must focused on the finish line and the end reward. A second trait that is very important is the Tenacity. Tenacity must be a way to push through obstacles for years on end. This trait can take many names such as perseverance, persistence, determination, commitment, resilience. Entrepreneur must deal with repeated failure. When failure happens, one have to find the way to start all over again.

In the interpersonal skills we can take the way to build great relationships with others, such as
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Each category contain many specific traits that must develop in order to become what we want to be a “successful entrepreneur”. It seems that Sanders never sought to become rich, when he took the road at the age of 65 with a car full of kitchen supplies, but he wanted his food to be known throughout the world, We can say that it has been successful, because it is now known in 115 countries for its favorite recipe of fried chicken and very rich in

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