Characteristics Of A Successful Manager

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The Five Qualities of a Successful Manager Confident: A Successful Manager needs to make decisions with confidence and also have confidence in him/her self. A Successful and Confident Manager will install a confidence in his or her team as well, thus ensuring a certain level of mutual respect and understanding. Committed: A Successful Manager needs to be committed. Committed to an organisation, committed to a activity or goal. A successful manager who is committed will automatically have a great level of dedication. Disciplined: A Successful Manager needs to be disciplined. A Disciplined Manager will be able to undertake matters in a controlled and effective manner. Firm: A Successful Manager needs to be firm. A firm manager is one which…show more content…
I am currently employed as a Superintendent at the City Of Cape - Town Municipality. I work in the Transport and Urban Development Authority Department, specifically in the Integrated Transport Portfolio directorate. We are responsible for the maintenance of the Roads and Storm Water Infrastructure within the Cape - Town Metropole. I have a staff compliment of 80 people reporting to me on a daily basis. Confident: I would like to believe I possess the necessary confidence needed to be a successful manager. Though I must admit that too much confidence could be more of a disadvantage. So as much as confidence is one of my strongest qualities, it could also be considered one of my downfalls. On the very odd occasion as a manager confidence sometimes clouds my judgement and I stick to wanting things done my way and my way alone. Which does not allow for the development of my staff or enhance their ability to use their own…show more content…
I try my utmost best to always show a resolute determination and strength of character. I have to be firm in the position that I am in, being very young is somewhat of an issue, especially with the older staff members, so being firm has helped me in this regard. Even some of our rate payers don 't always understand the reasons why we do what we do, certain times when not being able to do what the rate payer wants. this is normally due to internal policies and procedures. I must add that as a manager I try to not be too firm, as I am a strong believer of staff development, and being over firm could discourage staff

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