Characteristics Of A True Hero

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A true hero is someone who is very courageous and has been able to overcome challenges in life with confidence, strength and kindness. Erendira Gonzalez is my mom and was born May 17 1979 in Ario de Rosales Michoacan Mexico. My mom has demonstrated these characteristics on a daily basis and has continuously shown them through the roughest moments in her life. She should be considered a hero because she was able to overcome many hardships and that 's something only a true hero can do.

My mom 's ability to withstands hardships sets her apart from other heroes. At the age of seven my mother 's dad died from a unexpected heart attack. Not only did she demonstrate courage in this event she also showed strength by being able to cop with her dad 's death at such a young age. Another event where she demonstrated strength was when she fought against stage 3 breast cancer. She was diagnosed on July 6 2016 at the age of 37. " Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women, and the second main cause of cancer death in women"(website #1) While my mom fought breast cancer it took a heavy toll on her body and mental health. She became depressed and would stay in bed all day. After having therapy she underwent 5 surgeries in one year which not only does that demonstrated how brave she is it also shows that she is very strong because every surgery took a huge toll on her body but she was able to surpass the struggles to improve her health.

Another reason why she should

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