Characteristics Of Abraham Lincoln's Leadership

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Abraham Lincoln was tested on several occasions during his role as the sixteenth president of the United States. However, he was certainly one of the greatest presidents, if not the greatest, to ever hold the office. His presidency was during one of the lowest points this country has seen, but with Lincoln’s leadership this country turned around and united. Lincoln became an effective leader through his childhood, his core principles or leadership traits, and who he surrounded himself with. Lincoln’s childhood was rough, and his family was on the poor end of the economy. His father worked low paying jobs due to not being able to write or read. Furthermore, his mother taught him how to read and write but she passed away when Lincoln was nine. He had very little schooling; however, he was very well educated from self-learning and would learn from reading books or listening to others. Lincoln would often read the same books over and over to get a good understanding. Also, Lincoln had a younger brother that died at birth and his older sister died later in his childhood. This caused Lincoln to care for others and his ability to help others in need. Lincoln’s childhood was not the best, with little education; however, with his ability to self-learn he grew up with knowledge and excellent principles. Lincoln had several leadership principles that made him a successful and effective leader. The principle that stands out the most is his ability to learn on his own. Furthermore,

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