Characteristics Of An Absolute Monarchy

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Absolutism is a name given to a system where all the responsibilities are given to just one person. All the decisions are made by the monarch. Therefore, it means that an absolute monarch governs alone and is not controlled by anyone. An absolute monarch has control over administration, taxes, foreign policy etc. Under the control of a monarchy there is less corruption. It was believed that the authority and the power to rule the whole country came directly from god. In other words they were considered as representatives of earth. Absolute monarchs are not judged by the society and also there are higher chances of rebel. Another characteristic is that the ruler rules until his dies, and the throne is passed to their next generation. An…show more content…
This can help to increase the land of country. It is also important that the ruler has to have a superior knowledge about politics and economy. So that they will have less possibility of getting into trouble with other countries and they can prevent the country from having a lot of debt. He should not share his power with anyone such as parliament, because he should have full power over his country. He should have the courage to make any sort of decisions without any hesitation and according to me they should also think about themselves and have a bit self-interest . An ideal example for an absolute monarch is Louis XIV. Louis XIV was France’s king in 1643, He became the king at the age of 4. Louis XIV had control over everything after reconstructing the french government and he had all the decision making power. During his period of rule, which was from 1643 to 1715 he had brought his empire to the top of the chain. He made it very clear that he would hear everyone’s opinion but his decision would be his decision and wouldn’t be influenced by
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