Characteristics Of An Epic Hero In Beowulf

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In the story Beowulf, Beowulf portrays himself as someone who illustrates the characteristics of an epic hero. No one wishes to take on the heroic deeds that Beowulf accomplished, which made him someone to look up to. Beowulf’s accomplishments in defeating monsters made him known far and wide, making him the man for the job. A hero like Beowulf would need an exceptional amount of strength and shows this when he rips off Grendel’s entire arm. “He twisted in pain,/And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder/Snapped, muscle and bone split/And broke” (Beowulf. 337-339). Beowulf’s courage always leads him to always fight monsters, and people honor him because of that. The Danes and Geats were particularly proud after he defeats Grendel, “And over
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