Characteristics Of An Epic Hero

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In all great ancient stories and histories alike, the qualities that comprise an epic hero are acknowledged vastly. The attributes that a hero possesses are known across cultures from Mesopotamian heroes such as Gilgamesh and Enkidu to the Mediterranean heroes of Greece. These qualities are what make people believe in miracle-like feats, cause an audience to stare up in awe, and make children cheer with joy, “I wanna be like him!” So, dear producers of The Amazing Race: The Epic Journey, what makes an epic hero?
The answer, I think, is simple. Surely when you close your eyes, a person, maybe two pop up in your head when you think the word ‘hero’. For me, these qualities allow the perfect human being to endure multiple tribulations. Let me explain. A hero must be god-like. Now, this does not necessarily mean he must be part god. Surely, some can be, but it is not a requirement. These god-like abilities can include super-human strength or extreme wittiness. To be significantly strong or smart gives one the ability to survive situations which no ordinary human could.
In addition, a hero is often a royal. To already have that status, whether achieved or ascribed, gives a hero so much more power than someone who is a simple citizen. I mean, when put in perspective, who’s more amazing? A king who is viewed as an idol returning from war who has endured all kinds of feats vs your neighbor who you barely know who somehow survived being shipwrecked like fifty times? Obviously, the

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