Ancient Civilizations: The Evolution Of Athenian Democracy

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We are humans. Civilized humans to be more specific. But we were not always so civilized. From the beginning of times, men kind have developed incredibly a lot. We evolved from cavemen, and went through so many phases to be who we are right now. One of the phases we went through was called hunter gatherers. How did we evolve from that? About 2.5 million years, humans lived as hunter gatherers, which consisted of humans who lives by hunting wild animals and gathering plants. They weren’t stable, they moved around to protect their food. Their diet consisted of wild animal’s meat and plants. They also used the animal’s skin to make their own clothing. They lived in caves, or they built shelters out of available materials, such as trees, brush, and animal hides. They crafted tools out of wood, bone, antlers, and stone. Most of the…show more content…
There, in 508 B.C.E, the world's first democracy appeared. The Athenians cherished their liberty, both personal and political, and they designed a government that would protect it. Theirs was a direct democracy—citizens participated directly in the rule of their state. Women, foreigners, and slaves were excluded from citizenship. Everyone else over age 20 had a right to vote in the people's assembly and to make speeches there concerning public policy. They could also elect magistrates, the officials who carried out decisions made in the assembly.” I believe being free and willing to live in peace with all the citizens or habitants of one community is important, because it is the way of government we use nowadays. I conclude that through drastic changes, humans evolved differently and from different cultures. There are still some hunter-gatherers but most are extinct. Yet some things are still preserved, not only in the remaining gatherers, but with us humans. We changed in customs, culture, language, writing style, and even more yet we never stop for a second and think of how much humans have

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