Characteristics Of Ancient Egypt

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The Egyptians
The Egyptian design style is mystic and powerful. Their style has origin from the history that ancient
Egyptian civilization was based on religion, which was central to ancient Egyptian society. They believed in life after death and their brief and wishes on eternal life was much stronger than the other religions. Mummification is one of the examples and well preserved mummified body in tomb was important as well as objects placed together with the body, which was believed to take into the afterlife. Larger quantities of luxury items such as gold, jewellery, richly decorated chairs, tables and cabinets were buried with wealthy Egyptians, showing the wealth and power of the family.
Hieroglyphic texts, visual images and geometric patterns incised and painted on the wall of tomb and temples are also characteristic of the Egyptian style. Additional to hieroglyphics, obelisks, the sphinx and pyramids represent the major motifs of Egyptian art and brought various influence on architecture, furniture, ceramics and silver throughout history.
The largest and the oldest surviving tomb (c. 2800 B.C.E) in Egypt, Pyramids was built with the golden mean and a golden rectangle, which is the golden ratio, made without mathematic knowledge and created mystic, symbolic and aesthetic impact and structure. In ancient Egypt these harmonic and pleasant proportions were used not only in pyramids but also in architecture, in art, and in the design of daily use objects.
The typical

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