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Independence of India from the British rule, which has subsequently led to the independence of a new Muslim state, Pakistan, has not been accomplished only as a result of the support and hard work of important figures such as Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Syed, Mahatma Gandhi or Jawahar Lal Nehru, but there has been a long list of personalities who have somehow played vital roles in the independence movement who are not known to everyone and in much detail. Among the long list of unsung heroes of the Independence movement, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, famously known as Bacha Khan, is an important figure, whose work against the British rule in India which has led to the independence of India from the British Empire. Belonging to a prosperous Pashtun family, Bacha khan used to pay special attention towards his studies because of his belief that in order to stand against the British, education is extremely important. Bacha khan was an admirer of passive resistance to the British rule in India. He was one of those people who have suffered a lot of oppression from the British because he was against them and worked a great deal to raise the awareness among the fellow Pashtuns( people of the North West Frontier Province) that they have to stand up against the British rule and free India from the tyranny of the British as they were neglected in terms of political representation, social equality as well as educational opportunities. This led him to open an educational institution in his birthplace

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