Characteristics Of Balinese Architecture

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House Plans/House designs/home designs/architect/floor plans Architectural Styles Bali Architectural Style House Plans Inspired by the Bali Style The Bali Style is based on architectural features that are derived from the Island of Bali in South East Asia. These types of house designs style aims to bring both the naturally influenced traditional Balinese features with a modern twist. Typical features common in this architectural style are varied roof angles and exposed roof trusses that glorify the traditional hand-carved timber profiles found in the ancient buildings of Bali. House plans derived from the Bali architectural style tend to be spacious and involve wide open themes. Bali floor plans utilize wide open concepts to help circulate cool air flow throughout the house design. An architect creating a house design derived from the Bali style tends to want to incorporate a sense of calmness and relaxation to the home, as well as, creates a house plan that will entertain the residences many times over. Traditional Bali Style of Architecture Original Balinese architecture is characterized with large windows and door openings and free flowing open floor plans. An architect that creates a house design in this manner is inherently aims to have the home plan be constructed almost exclusively of organic materials. The materials usually consist of bamboo poles, teak wood, stones, thatch or shingles and coconut wood. Since the local people of Bali are well-known for their

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