The Baroque Art Period

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Baroque Art Period Introduction: The Baroque art (which began from 19th century to 18th century) is considered as one of the most beautiful fine art which describes the cultural movements and includes all different kinds of art such as a music and Philosophy. The Baroque name is back to the artistic events which were related to imaginative ideas. Artists see from their point of view that the Baroque art is characterized by classical style which is the common point of all artists in all directions. In my report, I will talk about the features of the Baroque art which includes: • The meaning of Baroque art • Baroque painting • Baroque sculpture • Baroque Architecture • Examples of great Baroque architecture • Divisions of Baroque periods • Baroque Art in Theatre • Famous Baroque painters and their paintings Body: 1. Definition: What is Baroque art? The word Baroque (which was taken from Portuguese word “Barocco”) means irregular…show more content…
Divisions of Baroque period The Baroque art period is divided into three parts: • Early Baroque (c.1590- c.1625) The early baroque art style was notable by the papal patronage in Rome. Italian artists like Caravaggio and Carracci were divided form the artifice of artists in a certain way. Bernini (an Italian artist) was a prominent artist who was elegance in his sculpture; he expressed the natural vitality in his artwork in sculpture. In architecture, the early Baroque art moved towards into the sculpture treatments of the Classical orders. Carlo Maderno is one of the architects in Italy who has done his work in architecture (engraving the interface of St. Susanna Church). • High Baroque (c.1625 – c.1660) Bernini, Borromini and Da Cortona in architecture had represented the Italian art in a very good way (Bernini in sculpture and Da Cortona in painting). This period produced a variety of famous artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Antony Van Dyce and Velazquez. • Late Baroque (c.1660 –
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