Characteristics Of Being Ambitious

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The set of attributes that an individual exhibits how much he or she tends to value themselves. Personally, I believe that every person should have the trait of being ambitious whether being in an academic environment or setting personal goals in order to feel accomplished. The word ambitious may be defined as having a strong desire in becoming successful. This may indicate how much an individual is willing to put the time and effort into the things they want in life. However, if we lacked in the sense of being ambitious, many will lose their sensitivity to continue further than their own expectations. To be ambitious means to not underestimate yourself in what you say or do and be someone who is willing to attempt their best in becoming successful.…show more content…
Although we often believe everything happens for a reason, many things happen because of our actions. If you are ambitious, you have a propensity of creating these goals so high yet understand that it is okay if you do not reach them because you are not entitled to achieve those goals. Furthermore, anyone will begin to understand how ambitionless people tend to fall behind in meeting the bare minimum in any given situation. Martin Luther King Jr., the epitome of ambition, wrote 'Letter from Birmingham Jail" during the civil rights era to serve as motivation to create change in society. Dr. King questioned authority for what they did, unjust and unfair towards the community as a whole, but his ambition was the reason why segregation was put to rest. This will explain the pros an individual's ambition begins in creating a different world where everyone around them can be a part of and how they can use him or her as an epitome of ambition can be good for them. In other words, this value tends to become the reason why many grow into someone more responsible, mature, and overall optimistic of the future

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