Characteristics Of Ben Carson

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Summarize the video/article. What is the main idea of the video/article? List and give 3 examples that this is biographical. Name 3 characteristics of Ben Carson and describe something that he says that show that they have each characteristic. Ben Carson is a calm and intelligent surgeon that does surgeries on patients that other surgeons think are impossible to save. He talked to students and told them that they can do whatever they can do despite what they look like or where they came from. When he was 8, his family was separated. His father left them and his mother had to raise 2 young sons in Detroit. She worked 2 or 3 jobs. When Ben was in fifth grade, he was a horrible student, during spelling bees, he was always the first one out and he’ll fail every math question. He got his report card and he failed almost all subjects. So, his mother decided to teach them the timetables on the first day. Ben was disobedient and called his mother a mean mother so she composed an idea to not allow him to play any games until he learns the timetables. He learned it immediately. His brother and he had to check out 2 books every week. Ben started to enjoy reading. Dr. Ben Carson did a successful surgery on conjoined twins which brought him to fame. No one ever did a surgery separating conjoined twins with both of them surviving, however, after 22 hours of operating, he successfully separated the twins. He also removed an entire tumour in the brain of an older kid because it was starting
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