What Is Leisure-Borne Music?

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Bhatiyali is leisure-borne music. In Nirmalendu Bhoumik 's words, "Bhatiyali is sung by boatmen while going down streams of the river, as the boat keeps following the ebb and floats easily towards destination. Bhatiyali is the son of this ease and leisure." This music is attuned to the waves as the boat floats on tranquil river flowing downstream. Life on water full of leisure in the Bhati (downstream) areas joins the music. Thus, the music often conceives grief and melancholy. The songs have easy and short lyrics where the tune holds more significance. Ashutosh Bhattacharya writes, "A prominent characteristic of Bhatiyali is, after first few words of these songs are sung in one breath, the last note is prolonged which lengthening
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These songs are sung in various tunes like Alkap, Baul, Ramprasadi and Kirtan. Since Gambhira is music of year statement, Bangla months Chaitra-Baishakh is the best time for it. These songs are mostly practised in the greater Rajshahi. Gambhira is mainly a festival of which music is an inseparable part. It is estimated that Gambhira music emerged centering the worship of Lord Shiva since one of his names is Gambhir. So Gambhira is actually eulogy of Lord Shiva though it is practised as the year ending statement.
Evolution can be noticed in Gambhira music. Earlier two types of Gambhira music were practised - Adyer and Pala. Pala Gambhira is dramatics-based form through which year closing statement is narrated. The current form of Gambhira was an offspring of Hindu society in West Bengal 's Malda which lost Lord Shiva while traveling towards the Muslim society n Rajshahi. This form has actually been built based on musical dialog of grandfather and grandson. Regardless of subject, every Gambhira song has chorus which is presented in between
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Based on paintings about mythical and customary narratives they compose this music. They use these songs while showing their paintings to the people living in households. They also dance with the music. The painters live on this nusic.
Patgaan is composed on various subjects among which Buddhist Jatak, Gazi Peer, Raamleela, Krishnaleela etc. are the most popular ones. In Bangladesh the folk music genre which is popular as Gazir Gaan, is mainly Patgaan. In this stream, paintings are made based on Gazi 'r introduction, work, spiritual powers etc. Gazir Gaan is performed during the show of the paintings. Gazir Pat (paintings on Gazi) is getting special attention as a form of art in our country. Gazir Pat made by Sudhir Acharya from Dhaka was very famous.
Patgaan is mainly practised in Southern Bengal. This is also performed in Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bardhaman etc. areas of West Bengal. Patgaan is popular regardless of age. But the popularity of Patgaan has decreased due to change of people 's lifestyle and living with the change of economic scenerio. Living on Patgaan is not well preferred anymore. Still Patgaan is performed, the paintings are made. Using the form of Patgaan, government and non-government organizations run awareness programs among

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