Characteristics Of Bibliographical Characteristics

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Biographical characteristics are personalities or characters that influence a person. These characteristics normally affect a person one way or another within the organization and society. Personal characteristics such as age, gender, race and length of tenure that are objectives and are easily obtained through personnel records are example of bibliographical characteristics. Age The relationship between age and job performance is likely to be an issue of increasing importance for the next couple years. There’s a wide belief that job performance declines when age increases, some employers have a mix feeling towards this belief. A few may see a number of positive qualities that older workers bring to their job, their years of experiences, their strong work ethic and their commitment to their job. While on the other hand other employers might think the older you get the less flexibility you posses and become resistant to changes such as new technology. Gender The difference between male and female in the workplace is the way in which they communicate, lead and the influence we have on each other within the working environment. Differences may also comes from the stereotype males and the stereotype female, in relation to the stereotypical assessment is that a female/woman should stay home and take care of the house and the child/children, while the male/man goes out and work so that is able to take care of his family. This often leads to discrimination. Another difference

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