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The Key to a Content and Effective Worker Bill Gates is classified as one of the world’s most successful people. He is an American businessman and the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates has the qualities of a good worker which is how he became a millionaire before the age of thirty. There is one feature that every successful person has in common and it is the qualities of an effective worker, that every ambitious person needs to learn. Throughout the years of high school, parents, teachers, and friends motivate students to attend college to be able to have a successful career. A college degree is important for a future career, but there are other attributes a person needs to possess in order to prosper in a workplace. Researchers and businessmen…show more content…
Many have found that having emotional intelligence skills are a major advantage in the competitive working world. Developing relationships in a workplace contributes to the ability of resolving problems effectively. When conflict arises it is important to be able to handle the situation accordingly, which is one of the major benefits of having emotional intelligence in the workplace. Employers want the workplace to be as uncomplicated as possible so the company can excel and succeed as needed. Communication skills are also very important to the ability to solve problems and work well with others. In the 21st century, the economy continues to increase. So do job opportunities and diversity. Maintaining social intelligence (SI) and finding a way to connect to others is beneficial to the company and employees. A managing director from Kelly Industrial, Ian Robinson, explains the convenience of social intelligence within a diverse workplace, “SI also helps to break down cultural barriers and can help improve productivity and teamwork in a culturally diverse workforce, as it leads to cooperation in the workplace by making people want to work harder while at the same time inspiring them to be more committed to their work” (Robinson). This quote explains the advantages of possessing social intelligence in the 21st century economy.…show more content…
Attending college and achieving a degree shows that a person had to participate in a lot of hard work to graduate and be able to have a career of their choice. In the article, “Get a Job: Working Class Students Discuss the Purpose of College,” is a study of four first generation working class students. They interviewed these students to get the average purpose of why students attend college. According to Chickering and Reisser, the purpose for students attending college “ to qualify them for a good job, not to help them build skills applicable in the widest variety of life experiences; it is to ensure a comfortable life-style…”(Longwell-Grice). This statement explains why most students manage to attend college. They think that experiencing college is all they need to have a thriving career. The reason students further their education is to have an exceptional life-style. Everybody has plans for the future and everybody wants to accomplish their goals. For some, it is to attend college to secure their future in a reliable job, but for those students a college degree is not all they can depend on. A college degree does not make a person a good and effective worker. If a person has a bad attitude, is difficult to work with, or unreliable, keeping a job could be a struggle. Employers need a person who is

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