Characteristics Of Chris Mccandless A Transcendentalist

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A Transcendentalist is someone who wants to rise above society through the use of thought and spirit. Through their journey Transcendentalist typically isolate themselves from society not just physically but materialistically. By Definition Chris McCandless is not only a transcendentalist, but he was one of the greatest.
First in Chris McCandless’s list of traits that contributed to him being a transcendentalist is his spiritual rebirthing, inner connection with nature and his divine will power. “Two years he walks the earth. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes.” (Krakauer 163) This quote demonstrates McCandless’s divine will power because in order to give up all the materials that society provides us for 2 entire years, it would takes
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“He had always been ambivalent about killing animals…Believing that it was morally indefensible to waste any part of an animal that has been shot for food…” (166) This demonstrates that Chris loves nature because he feels bad for killing the Moose and he doesn’t want to let any of an animal to go to waste. One of the key characteristics about transcendentalist is they believe in not letting anything go to waste. “I am reborn. This is my dawn. Real life…” Despite the hardship he is faced with of not being able to full preserve the body, McCandless gets back up and finds himself a stronger reborn man. Any person with moderate devotion to transcendentalism might have just broken down and given up there but if anything McCandless stood up 1 foot higher with his head held high. “I have had a happy life and thank the lord.” (199) Theses are the last words Chris McCandless wrote down and they prove that he was satisfied with his life despite them leading to his death. It also proves that even in his final moments he was happy with his transcendentalist life style. As a conclusion Chris McCandless was devoted to transcendentalism even with his last
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