Characteristics Of Co-Culture

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All of us can draw up separating lines within any cultures to isolate co-cultures using parameters such as age group, gender, politico-social affiliation, lifestyle choice, socioeconomic level, racial, education, region, language, and religion. We may all are part of the human kinds, and we may all be unique.
Characteristics of Co-culture: A co culture is a group of people whose beliefs and behavior are different from the dominate culture. Co-culture is broken down into small groups which share similarities. Co-culture has some characteristics of co - culture group experience helps to response in communication because it gives a broader aspect about something
Below are the characteristics of CO CULTURE:
1. Gender and sex:
Gender is basically
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To belief in on to worship with devotion is known as religion. We have different religions like Islam, Christianity and Buddhism etc. In early days, people use to have problem with other religions but now co - culture has changed the view of people and society.
3. Ethnicity and race:
Ethnicity and race are two different ideas. An ethnicity group is that group that share common cultural traditions and nationality, for example Hindus and Muslims in India. Race refers to biological and genetic traits. For example white and black people. In most nations and countries, legal system has tried to finish ethnicity discrimination in fact racism has been also improved by give equality in the society. Due to co - culture, discriminations has reduced in the society.
4. Sexual orientation:
Sexual orientation refers to the pattern of emotional, romantic attraction towards men or women. It also refers to personal identity. It has three type; homosexuals, bisexual and lesbians.
Society has openly accepted these kinds of sexual orientation especially in USA but not in
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In 18th century there was not different culture that women cannot go out of the house or education was not given much importance but if talk about the present days, now everyone can do whatever they want to do. There are less restrictions now.
Difference between Culture and Co-culture
There is a difference between culture and co-culture.
Culture is the way of life of a particular society or group of people, including standards of thoughts, beliefs, behavior, customs, practices, rituals, dress, and vocabulary, terminology, as well as skill, music, etc. it is a mixed pattern of belief, sense and adaption, which people carry in their thoughts. An organized group of ideas habits and trained responding shared by people of a society.
Whereas Co-culture is a group whose values, philosophy, morals or behaviors distinguish it from the larger culture of which it is part of and with which it shares large numbers of similarities.
The difference between a culture and a co-culture is that co-cultures are separated and divided into small groups of individuals of men and women with whom they already share common beliefs. Cultures are large groups in which everyone associates with almost
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