Characteristics Of Community Policing

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Although there are many stereotypes against police, yet policing is extra ordinarily composite effort. The police are a variance in the independent society by its nature.H. Goldstein has written that in a democratic civilization, police is invested with a lot of power in governance , although it is granted very grudgingly but when granted, sharply shortened. But in a democratic society, success of police very much depends on its capability of maintaining peace and order so that society can enjoy every peace of life in environment of safety and security. As police works in the public or community, as a result, Today community policing has been converted into the slogan of the law
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It is significant that community policing is an comprehensive conception and evolves people from all strata in exchange of ideas and problem solving. Problem solving can be described as the “heart of this concept”. And this partnership should be active and equal from both sides. Second, the approach which community policing require is that is should be proactive rather than reactive. With discussion, police can apprehend the problem which may emerge in upcoming days and thus accordingly can take preventive measure. Then these measures are constantly monitored, assessed and adapted as per requirement. As per area point of view, this concept is area specific. One project which have got immense success in one area need not to be succeed in another one. Thus it have to be adapted as per particular area’s problems and expectations of the people living therein. This concept should not be altogether dependent on initiatives taken up by individual members of police or community. Rather there should be institutionalized structure having a fixed minimum norms. This structure then further be developed for establishing relationship and trust between police and…show more content…
1:- This models includes panchayati Raj System, which is also known as grassroot democracy. According to Bureau of Police Research and Development, symbolises the will of discussion and consent, which is heart of this concept. This model will give people ‘freedom of choice’. This Model suggests that if we have to achieve cohesive, then police officials who are operational should be kept under Panchayati Raj System and administrative control should of Superintendent of Polcie. Model No. 2:- This model was implemented in U.K. in which existing resources are used for implementation of this programme. This part is headed by a motivated Deputy Superintendent of Police, who is also posted as Community Liaison Officer. This unit has four aspects of community Policing
a) Accident prevention and

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