Characteristics Of Contemporary Poetry

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The contemporary poets of North-east India are the first generation of writers arising in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century. These poets belonging to different spaces, languages and religions share some common features in their poetry. An overarching presence of nature, concern for the contemporary events, representation of traditional myth and legends, the search for an identity, all this informs contemporary poetry and gives it a unique flavour. The predominance of nature is much of the distinctiveness on contemporary poetry. But these poets are concerned less with the sensuous manifestations of nature than with the spiritual that they find under-laying the beauties of nature. Nature for them is not a passive objects that is to be explored, exploited and consumed, but a dynamic force that is to be loved, preserved and taken care of. They opposes anthropocentric view of human beings towards nature and believes that it should give way to eco-centrism. This eco-philosophical concept pervades in the post colonial poetry in English from India’s North-east. They tries to arouse eco-consciousness among the human beings through their poetry to motivate them to live ecologically. Then only human being would march forward to safeguard and protect nature. The present paper is a study of the contemporary poetry in English from North-east India from eco-philosophical perspectives that has great relevance in this era of global ecological hazard when ecology has been

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