Characteristics Of Corporate Culture At Herschend Family Entertainment

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Chouaib Elhajjaji Written assignment 3:“Corporate Culture at Herschend Family Entertainment” pages 318 – 320 (Questions 1-5) Due Date : Wednesday 25 November , 2015 GRADE_________________ 1-The characteristics of corporate culture elaborated in this chapter were the following. Corporate culture is shared, a provider of guidance, a provider of meaning in the organization, top heavy, a constellation of values, a dynamic constellation of values, organic, inclusive of life values. Choose three of these characteristics and show how the culture Manby promotes at Herschend Family Entertainment relates with each one. According to the text and the official website of the company , we can conclude that the culture Manby promotes at Herschend Family Entertainment relates to three core characteristics of corporate culture that were elaborated in this chapter which are : shared , inclusive of life values and a provider of guidance . First of all shared , as the quote says “ He concludes with this: “It’s all about hiring the right people. You know, this culture either resonates with people or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, they’re not going to enjoy working here.” “Manby: We have a common culture that we 're trying to create at all our properties. It 's a "servant leadership"( in the interview ) . There’s a stress on the fact that the values of the company need to be accepted and shared by each member of the organization so we assure that there’s harmony and that there’s a guarantee
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