Characteristics Of Dark Tourism

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INTRODUCTION Special interest tourism is the provision of customised tourism leisure and recreational experiences that caters to the specific expressed interests of groups and individuals. It consists of four main experiences: rewarding, enriching, adventuresome experiences and learning experiences. (ACS Distance Education, 2015) The types and range of special interest tourism is enormous. However, in this report I will be discussing about dark tourism and its characteristics. I will discuss the factors that motivates `tourists to visit sites relating to dark tourism and analyse the competitors of dark tourism. Along with that, I will talk about the trend and issues relating to the topic and conclude with my recommendations to further improve dark tourism sites.…show more content…
Tarlow (2005: 48) identifies dark tourism as ‘visitations to places where tragedies or historically noteworthy death has occurred and that continue to impact our lives’. Dark tourism can also be defined simply and generally as the act of travel to sites associated with death, suffering and the seemingly macabre. (Stone, 2006a) The sites, attractions and exhibitions of dark tourism have real or recreated death or suffering as the main

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