Characteristics Of Disco Music

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Have how listening to ABBA, Chic, Earth Wind and Fire and other 70s tune? If you have listen, do you know what genre it is? Let me tell you it was “Disco”. Disco is genre that was popular around 1970s and containing the elements of Funk, Soul, Pop, Salsa and Psychedelic. The term “Disco” is derived from discotheque and its initial audience are from the African American, Italian American, Latino and Psychedelic communities around New York City and Philadelphia around 1970s. In New York got a lot of club play the Disco music during the era and one of the New York City DJ, David Mancuso open The Loft in February and it was the best Disco club around that era. There are a lot of artist that popular with Disco music around 70s such
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Other than that, we will find about the difference between Subgenre of Disco music and lastly the difference between 70s Disco and the new wave Disco.

The Information for me to write his report is based on my experience listening and play the disco music. other than that, I get the information from my fellow friends that experience in New disco music in Malaysia .I also collected my information form the internet from Blogspot and the Documentary of 70s Disco and the New wave Disco.

Instruments that be use in Disco music
The music tended to layer soaring, often-reverberated vocals, which are often doubled by horns, over a background "pad" of electric pianos and wah-pedaled guitars. Other backing keyboard instruments include the piano, organ, string synth, and electroacoustic keyboards such as the Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, and Hohner Clavinet. Synthesizers are also fairly common in disco, especially in the late
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The sound is enriched with solo lines and harmony parts played by a variety of orchestral instruments, such as harp, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, flugelhorn, French horn, tuba, English horn, oboe, flute (sometimes especially the alto flute and occasionally bass flute), piccolo, timpani and synth strings or a full-blown string orchestra. Drum machine is one of the instrument that using in disco music.

Musical characteristic of Disco music
Most disco songs have a steady four-on-the-floor beat, a quaver or semi-quaver hi-hat pattern with an open hi-hat on the off-beat, and a heavy, syncopated bass line. This basic beat would appear to be related to the Dominican merengue rhythm. Other Latin rhythms such as the rhumba, the samba and the cha-cha-cha are also found in disco recordings, and Latin polyrhythms, such as a rhumba beat layered over a merengue, are commonplace. The quaver pattern is often supported by other instruments such as the rhythm guitar and may be implied rather than explicitly present.

Characteristic disco drum

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