Characteristics Of Disney Park In Paris

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As we know, the Disney consists of parks, automatically which their design is the same except for a few differences. In the first place, the design of the park in Paris differs from the other parks of Disney, the design mainly. The park in Paris includes attractions which attract world because the architecture and historical attractions is the best way to compete and attract more and more people. Also, as the park contains six hotels with over 5,000 rooms in total for its visitors but has and 29 walks. The park in Paris includes golf courses, where offers for parents and children to learn to play golf, to take part and watch live shows and parades. This, of course, may offer it only the park in Paris because reason of his time (sunny) from the other parks can offer guests the opportunity to experience and enjoy pleasant all the above facilities. Of course, all the above result in the creation of American imperialism, which has to attract visitors from around the world, mainly Europeans where have accustomed to American culture. For the treatment of, the park in Paris he used the Disney characters, in order to increase the sense of beauty and fantasy of. “For example, Discoveryland features storylines from jules verve, the French author. Show White (and her sever dwarfs) was located in Bavarian village. Cindrella was located in French inn. Even Peter – Pan was made to appear more ‘English Edwardian’ than in the original US designs” (Slack et al, 2009). Secondly, as a park

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