Characteristics Of Educational Objectives

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QUALITITES OF EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES This concept was taken from module 3 “Educational objectives”, sub-topic 1”Nature of educational objectives.” Educational objectives can be defined as statements which relates what every student is expected to be able to do or understand at the end of teaching learning activity. Every teacher sets things he or she will like to see in his or her student at the end of a teaching period. Every educational objective expects improvement, or positive result at the end of a teaching period. If an improvement is not seen, the teacher and the student is not happy and the objectives was not met. Dr Benjamin S. Bloom an American Academist and Educational expert believes that education should lead to mastering of the subjects and promotion of higher level of thinking instead of just absorbing every thing being taught by the teacher. He believed in deeper studying to find out more ideas and facts which will bring about modification in behaviour.

QUALTITIES OF EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES This are those attributes which is expected of every educational objective. It includes the following.
1. Logical: A good educational objective should be one that is reasonable when compared to the subject been taught.
2. Relevant: A good educational objective should be important. It should have a relationship with the subject. Eg. Topic been studied is Human relations and the teacher writes an educational objective as “student will be able to state the strength of
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