Characteristics Of Edward Bloom In Big Fish

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Edward Bloom, the main protagonist in Big Fish, was a man of many traits. Some of his characteristics were good, and some were bad. Although some were bad, that’s just who he was. He charmed the people he met in many ways and made an impact on their lives. Edward is a unique character like no other. One of the most prominent characteristics of Edward was that he was charming. For example in the chapter “His Quite Charm” – which obviously states that was charming – it says, “he was a friend to all, and everybody was his friend”. It also says in the chapter that he was sought out by women. Another great characteristic of Bloom was that he was brave. In the chapter “How He Tamed the Giant”, Edward sacrifices himself for the whole town to the giant. It is also in the chapter “His Three Labors” where he shows his bravery by saving the little girl from the dog. His bravery showed that he cared about people other than himself and protected the ones he loved.…show more content…
In the chapter “In Which He Buys a Town, and More” you read how he basically lived another life away from his family. In the story it says he falls in love with Jenny Hill, but he is already married to his wife. This shows that not all the things he says are true. Another negative trait is that he is selfish. In the same chapter Edward leaves Jenny to wait for him but he never comes back. It is selfish in the way that he decided that he was done with that adventure and just moved on without explanation. Overall, there are many positive and negative characteristics of Edward Bloom that make him one of a kind. As you read through Big Fish you reveal all of his quirky and different traits. Some people may only know one side to his personality while some know the other based on his tall tales. Either way, Edward is a distinct character that is unlike any
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