Characteristics Of Enkidu In Gilgamesh

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The character of Enkidu develops as the story progresses, in the beginning, he is naive, but later on, he becomes wise. He is an important character to include because of his similarities to human nature and how society changed from animalistic to civilized over time. The introduction of his character and how he met Gilgamesh is important to the progression of the story because it shows how much they needed each other, and what happens to the other when one perishes. In the beginning of the story, Enkidu does not know much about human life due to the fact that he was born of the Steppe and grew up with the animals, despite that his character, directly and indirectly, shows the three main themes of the story; friendship, loss, and grief. The very first description of Enkidu in the book is that he is part animal and part man. His character is the complete opposite of Gilgamesh in every way. He was covered in hair and looked more animal than he did man. However, he had hands that were clearly the hands of a man. Enkidu cared for the animals as one…show more content…
After the chaotic grapple, they look at each other completely worn out, the book says that Gilgamesh “saw himself in the other, just as Enkidu saw / Himself in Gilgamesh” (Page 24). While looking into each other’s eyes they see themselves and realize that the person they are staring at is what they were missing. For Enkidu, Gilgamesh is what he needs after being abandoned by the animals, this friendship cures Enkidu’s loneliness. This beautiful meeting sparks an even more dazzling friendship, a friendship to be envied. The companionship that they create represents a theme of friendship that continues for the remainder of the book. Throughout their adventures, Enkidu becomes wise and he also becomes whatever Gilgamesh needs. He is very protective of Gilgamesh, and it is this protectiveness that leads to his
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