Food Service Facilities Essay

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In food service facility, it is important to ensure that the cooking space is designed methodically to ensure maximum productivity. An orderly and logical study and development of essential functioning helps in building of facility that promotes its accomplishment with maximum efficiency and high standard. These essential functioning influences the flow or sequence of operation, the equipment that will be needed and the space requirement. A good food service facility is called “well planned” if it has certain characteristics like Ergonomics of a kitchen, correct size of the kitchen, its energy efficiency, equipment, sanitation, safety and health, ventilation, maintenance and lighting. Ergonomic kitchen plan – Ergonomics refers to the ways in which space flows, and in addition how capably the design permits the workers to carry out actions inside the space. The kitchen is the place where functionality is the…show more content…
Kitchen is a place where in the workers work with oil, steam, fumes and smoke thus an introduction of natural fresh and clean air is required. The least difficult type of ventilation is natural ventilation, in which the usage of windows, vents, doorways and sky facing windows are done. These provide a flow of air and maintains a healthy workplace, but to have a natural ventilation extensive care must be taken as windows and doorways are utilized for natural ventilation, dirt and fumes from surrounding areas should not be drawn into the kitchen as it will spoil and contaminate the food. Exhaust systems which have units like fumes hoods, exhaust fans, packaged rooftop HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) and make up air units should work inside given parameters to keep up the efficiency. The exhaust system should be situated in such way where in the kitchen can dispose of warmth, oil stacked steam and cooking

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