Characteristics Of Exceptional Children

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"Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners"
Creative, Talented and specially abled children come in the category of Exceptionals. These individuals have unique traits and characteristics generally determined by the environmental factors which make them fundamentally different from the normals. These people are supposed to learn, perceive and adjust in ways which are unique to them.
The term exceptional children include children who experience difficulties in learning behavioural, emotional and social problems. Children with physical disabilities or sensory impairments and children who are intelliklectually gifted or have a special talent so that special education is necessary to help them to fulfil their potential.
Characteristics of exceptional children
1. Exceptional children are those for whom uniform educational programmes do not suit them hence they need special instructional programmes for ancillary services or both.
2. Exceptionality is manifested by performance i.e. superior and inferior to that of the average children
3. They deviate from the average people in both directions plus and minus of mean physically. Psychologically or socially these deviations are significant to such an extent that their adjustment with the normals in some situations becomes difficult.
4. They come across learning difficulties in normal setting due to the defects and sometimes due to their superior qualities. These difficulties can be removed only by provide special

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