Characteristics Of Extreme Programming

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5. Extreme Programming(XP)

5.1. The Characteristics of XP

Extreme Programming (XP) is the most popular agile methodology [16]. Extreme programming is recent methodology for software

system development that focuses on high customer integration, extensive testing, code-centered development and documentation,

refactoring and paired programming [13]. Extreme programming is based on a sequence of development practices, including pair

programming, very accurate configuration management, strong customer interaction based on 'system stories, "detailed testing

[13]. Reference [10] further defined Extreme Programming (XP) is a novel combination of elements of best practice in system

development and it is also an approach to rapid application
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This methodology first introduce by Kent Beck (Beck, 2000)

5.2. The Objective of Extreme Programming (XP)

• To minimizing cost of change in software requirements by having multiple short development cycles, rather than a long

• To improve the quality of software and responsiveness to changing customer requirements.
• To produce higher-quality software more productively.
• To introduces a number of basic values, principles and practices on top of the agile programming framework.
• To deliver the software that is needed when it is needed.
• To improve programming quality while shortening delivery schedules [16].

5.3. Five essential ways to improve a development project using Extreme Programming (XP)

Extreme Programming (XP) is based on values. Trough Extreme Programming (XP) methodology, it introduce five essential ways to

improves a development project. The following are the five essential ways listed:

• Simplicity – will perform what is needed but no more and take a simple step to meet the objectives and minimize failure

if applicable. Create something to be proud of to maintain for a reasonable
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Listed and obtained below are the

advantages of Extreme Programming (XP).

• Robustness – Extreme Programming (XP) provide approach on working faster with very few defect. With regular testing at

the stage of development, it can ensure less bug are found and the use of customer validation test can ensures implementation of

only what the customer wants and nothing more. Hence, its allowing for cost estimates-based software features instead of

developer activity
• Resilience - Needs of a changing obtained at an early stage and less issued on changing requirement at the end. So it

can obtain a high resilience condition.
• Cost savings - Extreme Programming (XP) reducing activities that are not productive in order to reduce costs for

instance needless working paper and the need of separate tester. When changes implemented during the development stage, it can

reduce the cost of project many times when compared changes based on customer feedback at the end of the product lifecycle as

done before in conventional programming methods.
• Lesser risks - It reduces the risks related to programming. Extreme Programming, by breaking the tasks into

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