Characteristics Of Fantasy Football

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When I was eighteen, I started to working at CVS Distribution Center. I wasn’t very happy I didn’t know anybody, working like a ghostly figure for months no one noticed. All of that changed when I was invited to join a Fantasy Football League. I did not know anybody in the league there was a weird feeling at first, our league was a very diversified group with many different personalities, and ethnicities. But who knew that a group of different backgrounds would form very close friendships. Even though my friends are very different from each other, we all share similar characteristics.
To begin with, one major characteristic in our group is our love to our Fantasy Football League. I could have cared less for football until I joined the league.
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Across the workplace you can hear the buzzing talk about football across the day, from the moment we start work till our shift ends. Our work days go by fast as we joyfully joke around about the performance of each-other’s teams. Since the start of our league ten years ago we have become more organized, we put together every detail about our league from the draft day to the end of our leagues season which we end with a super bowl party. The conversation amongst my friends somehow always leads back to football, when I ask for help with consolidating a pallet, instead of a yes I hear, “hey how about them cowboys”. I was astonished on how simply we all started as a Fantasy Football League with strangers, which has evolved to become more like a family. Just as excited we are for the season to start we are just as unpleasant when our season…show more content…
Tony’s little brother Hugo passed away during a traffic accident, and we were all saddened by the news. The death of my friend’s brother hit close to home, because they lived a couple of houses down from me. We were all very close friends and tried to comfort Tony. We would tell him “he’s in a better place Tony” he would murmur “is he?”. We lost a friend but he lost a brother, we couldn’t tell him we know how you feel because we didn’t. Tony’s family was faced with paying for the cost of the burial which was very expensive. So my friends and I came together and decided to put our money in to help the family. We all got whatever savings we had and put the money together for his family. He really appreciated our generous help and was something we would never forget. Our group of friends are there in the good times and in the bad, we help each other when we can without hesitation, I consider myself lucky to have such great friends.
My group of friends is very diversified, consisting of many ethnicities, ages, and religions. At first we came together for Fantasy Football not knowing what to expect. Nobody knew we would end up very close. Since the start of our league, we have had our up and downs but we always manage to end up with smiles on our faces. What more could I ask for, I am very lucky to have such great
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