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Change and novelty are two of the characteristics that fashion encompasses, according to Kawamura (2005). It can be argued that, to please the needs of constant novelty of postmodern society, the manufacturing of clothing has become faster, cheaper and the fashion industry has become an significant economic player. ‘The production and consumption of fashion has represent the two extremes of a vert long, fragmented and complex supply chain that transforms fibre into yarns and fabrics, which is mediated by designers, manufacturers and buyers into the clothing an offer at retail’ (Black, 2014 P.11). Therefore the process of creating the final product in fashion is a collective activity that requires a large number of employees that are spread worldwide. ‘Instant and rapid communications have affected every aspect of the way we live and interact socially, culturally, politically and economically [...] people communicate more widely, travel further and have access to resources that were science fiction less than 50 years ago’ (Hines, 2011: p. 350). According to the documentary The True Cost (2015), one-in-six people work in the global fashion industry, that is over a billion people worldwide and 2.7 million in the EU alone. “The fashion and textiles supply chain is today characterized by being global, not local’. (Fletcher, 2014: 166). Therefore, the industry alone, has workers from different countries around the globe, and many different steps are taken until the final product

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