Federal Bureaucracy Essay

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A government is the organization in a country that is dominant in physical force; it identifies laws in order to clarify the use of force and its abilities in enforcing them, thus ensuring the proper use of force. The purpose of a government is not only limited in ensuring the proper use of force but also to protect the individual rights of its citizens on the domestic and foreign level as well. In a federal government, like that implemented and worked upon in the United States of America, it is composed of three distinct branches having equal power: legislative, executive, and judicial. However the real power of the government today in the U.S. is not the mentioned ones but the real power lies within the federal bureaucracy, which is considered …show more content…

There are four key characteristics of a federal bureaucracy: First is the clear hierarchy by which the employees in it represent a firm chain of command, every person has a job having everyone’s work overseen by someone else making the power flow down; Second is the specialization in jobs for each individual who often get professionals with high experiences; Third is the division of labor where every person is responsible of a certain task in the same job, together they accomplish the requirements; and finally is the set of formal rules which is the standard operating procedure, it’s the written instructions for each specialized job in every level of hierarchy thus the main purpose is the organization of the job. Knowing those characteristics leads us to the functions of the federal bureaucracy which is (1) implementation of the law and policies made by the elected officials by which the do the practices of the laws and policies given by the Congress and the President, (2) provides necessary administrative functions handling paper work of everyday government operations, and (3) writing rules and …show more content…

government is living today whether on the domestic or foreign level is the decentralization of the policy-making process specially when it comes to the foreign policy making. The White House tends and aims to centralize the power and decision making where as on the other hand the bureaucracy in the United States tends and aims to spread the power on different sectors. These tensions between centralization and disintegration shows in the inconsistency of the world power which is held by the United States; being the number one power (the United States of America) is the country that shapes the hole world by its foreign policies and is the one that moves and organizes the countries. One can’t deny the fact that the spread of power between branches and individual plays a positive role specially with undergoing the “checks and balances” system, however, the increases of the distribution of power results in empowering one sector more than the other in addition to the fact that polices would take more time to be taken, which is time consuming process. One of the major disadvantages of the distribution is that the president tends to hear to a lot of advices and is influenced by them, where bureaucracy plays a huge role on every sector in the country. What I personally

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