Characteristics Of Filipino Culture In The Philippines

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The conformity of the Filipino youths to the said stereotypes may be explained and analyzed in a few more additional ways, aside from the presence of the SIT, which include various factors such as their culture, upbringing, globalization, human identity and even the plain massive power of media at this age.
Filipino culture is an aspect which we cannot remove from play with the given results. It’s influence places a strong grasp and is imperative with the country’s racial nature being that of one who is always looking up to other countries in the world, especially those labelled as the most superior, especially in pop culture, such as the US, South Korea, Japan, Britain, New Zealand etc. With the Filipinos constantly downgrading their own image while looking up to others in the global community, conformity towards views and thoughts posted on global medium such as social media, is somehow made inevitable. The upbringing of the country’s youth at the present age with such ideals places more sense in the results as the previous rationale used. Globalization, on the other hand, used to explain the obtained results tackles the situation with the unavoidable compliance of the Philippines to global standards and changes. In order to not be left behind in this fast changing world, the country submits itself to conformity, though not all the time, to even simple changes in in many aspects which include the use of different social media platforms, moreover if such changes are

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