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It goes away in 16-24 hours. People who undergo this taboo feel themselves special and it is a kind of pride for them Lizard Man: This man is an animal lover but Lizard is her favorite among all. He has gone undergone 700 hours of body modification to look like lizard. Erik Sprague was born on 12 June 1972. He is a sideshow and freak show player who transformed his entire body into a lizard. He is now known as Lizard man. MEXICO 'S VAMPIRE WOMAN: Mary Jose is a qualified lawyer and she is a mother of 4. She is lover of term body modification. She finds it fascinating and interesting. It gives her attention among the society. 96% of her bodyis tattooed. She has 1000 of piercings, teeth implants, and many implants in her head,…show more content…
For Hindus eating a cow is prohibited, as it is thought of as God’s useful gift to mankind since it provides dairy products and is the basis for other products.. Italian Taboos Italian people do not store food that is the best thing about them. In hospitality of Italian they will feed you until you are beyond full. In Italy it is considered rude to accept the offer of food first time. Decline it politely, but when offered second time eats it to your appetite. Jamaican Taboos There are certain food taboos in Jamaican also, that are most of the time related to children. People don’t let their children to eat chicken before they learn to talk, because after that they will never talk. Eating half an egg will make the child grow into a thief and drinking milk from a baby bottle will turn them into a drunkard. Nigerian Taboos Much like the Jamaican taboos, many Nigerians’ taboos rotate around children. These taboos have their own significance in this country. They believe that eating egg will make them thief, they believe the same for coconut milk. Another broadly held belief is that children who drink this type of milk will make them unintelligent. Ritual

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