Characteristics Of Gastronomy

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Attracting attentions by activating processes Activated are those processes which are connected to internal excitation and tension states and control the behavior. Only a particular activation ensures attention, in which information can be actively or passively recorded. A low activation is, for example, in the case of a sleeping person, a high activation, in the case of someone who actively searches for information. A targeted activation is possible by: - Emotional stimulus, such as key stimuli. They can trigger biologically programmed reactions, which the consumer can hardly escape. An example is the 'child schema,' according to which specific features such as big eyes trigger the key stimulus of the Protector Instance. - Cognitive stimuli…show more content…
Analysis and characteristics of the gastronomy What characteristics and marketing components determine performance processes and how are they related? Based on the described approaches and the established marketing ratio, general success factors describe this chapter, essential performance components are categorized by the 'marketing mix, ' and their efficiency is weighted. Concluding is the identification of transaction-inhibiting and promoting factors. The goal of this chapter is to apply a designed intrigued marketing relationship. Success factors of gastronomy Firstly, the fundamental character of the cuisine is covered before general success factors are brought together. A case study supplements the…show more content…
The cuisine is characterized by: - Combination of service and production: The guest is interested both in the result of the function (food quality) and quantity) as well as in the production process (service, show kitchen, etc.) This points to the comprehensiveness and the ambivalent character of a catering service: it is both a service and an (individualized) production process. Conceptual dependency exerts an additional handling) direct take-away possibility/drink possibility). - There is a great delimitation difficulty with competitors. The possibility to use a gastronomic offer is great, the market overview and the knowledge (with a high share of the share of the experience) is only possible to a limited extent. Furthermore, gastronomic services, which are used as spare time, compete with other options such as cinema, cultural activities,

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