Characteristics Of George Milton In Of Mice And Men

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George is an average man who works hard to make a living. Like most people, George wants to live the American dream. In the novelette Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George Milton is a diverse character with several important traits. Two of his main traits are controlling and caring. These seemingly contradictory traits make George an interesting character to read about. His traits are shown throughout the novelette and make George a character unlike any other. George is also a brotherly character towards Lennie, which is shown throughout the book in the way that the two men interact with each other. In many ways, George is very controlling over Lennie. He often tells Lennie what to say and do, whether to help him or to play a joke. In Of Mice and Men, George commands Lennie, “but you ain’t gonna say nothing. If he finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we won’t get no job” (Steinbeck 6). George is very directive over Lennie, and does not want him to mess up anything. Lennie listens to George because he does not know any better, and is like a little brother who wants to please his…show more content…
George does make mistakes concerning Lennie throughout the whole book, but he also attempts to fix his mistakes with acts of kindness. He is a relatable character in many ways, which makes him interesting to read about. George cares for Lennie even when he messes up, which is much like how brothers still care about each other even though they mess up. George and Lennie are the most like brothers that two men can be without actually being brothers. They care for each other, argue over the simplest things, and are usually willing to admit that they need each other. George is unlike any other character and his diverse traits are able to captivate and fascinate. The American dream is all that George has, for his dream can not truly become a reality without Lennie by his
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