Elements Of A Global Environmental Leader

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Part one: What do you think the essential elements are for global environmental leaders?
In my opinion, the essential elements that should be seen as criteria for a global environmental leader is, like the required elements for any other works, health, intellectual mind and personality. However, as the highest purpose of an environmental leader is the benefit of the whole community, the criteria I mentioned above hold their own characteristics and create a great deal of inspiration for me to pursue.
Firstly, a global environmental leader must be physically and mentally healthy. To take action in this global career, one must get ready to travel to various places and it may be in inconvenient condition. Meanwhile, a robust environmental leader
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I really like the saying: “Think globally, work locally”. A global leader may consider an international plan or come to know the situation of other nations, but an excellent leader is the one who could apply the appropriate solution and generate the specific result for his community. In addition, a global environment leader must settle a respectable attitude himself in order to cope with the global subject. In a multilateral convention, a global environmental leader must demonstrate the cooperative and willing attitude to resolve the mutual issue. However, it absolutely does not mean the compromise. A leader must keep in mind that he represents the whole nation to establish the proper expectation after considering the issue carefully.
In conclusion, I indicate health, intellectual mind and personality as the criteria for a global environmental leader though the ambition is still the component that motivates the leader the most in the career of protecting our delicate Earth.

Part two: What is your vision to contribute to society as a global environmental
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Learning means that I not only study about natural science, technology, but also social science as culture, language and communication skill. Japan is one of the world leaders in environmental technology, especially water and waste management and pollution control. As a major contributor in the field of environmental Science, Nagoya University is my ultimate choice. I totally believe that Nagoya University is the place where I can find the essential knowledge and skills enabling me to solve environmental problems after returning Vietnam.
After achieve sufficient expertise in my field, I will be able to propose, establish, and implement environmental programs as well as other activities that adhere to international standards. Other leaders and I will; for instance; revise our environmental policies together based on the current situation/conditions and will provide a blueprint for environmental quality and control, incorporating the latest technology wherever

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