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Google Analytics was launched in November 2005 which is a web analytics service offered by google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is one of the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. Since the inception of e commerce a lot of start-ups and online stores have taken birth and there is a cut throat competition in the market where most of the companies are making use of google analytics to succeed, company which make use of google analytics effectively attains a competitive edge. The features of google analytics are,  Data Collection and Management  Data Consolidation  Data Analytics ad reporting  Data Activation Google Analytics is a useful asset irrespective of the size of the organization. Nissan made…show more content…
The features in google analytics which help a smaller organization to increase and target sales are • The event tracking feature of the google analytics helps you to know how visitors actually interact with your pages or on your mobile app. It can also help you measure the activities like downloads, video plays and mobile clicks. • The data from google analytics can be easily be imported to other platforms like tableau for more faster, sophisticated and meaningful insights. • By validating the bounce rate at regular intervals, organizations can figure out the areas where the visitors are dis-satisfied and thus a re-design process can be initiated. • The demographics feature helps the business know where their customers are coming from and also aides in targeting a new location. Here, you can see your worldwide stats, including the average time on site and bounce rate of visitors from particular countries. You can also drill down to particular countries and see these stats as well as your goal conversion rates in particular regions. • The age and gender feature in demographics helps to know whether your marketing campaign is targeting the correct age group and…show more content…
Pages with highest bounce rate has less visitor engagement whereas, pages with low bounce rate has good visitor engagement thus suggesting to make improvements to the poorly performing pages. • Google analytics also displays the versions on which your site is being used. Incase if you identify that more customers are coming to your site are mobile user and bounce rate is high suggests the website has to have a separate mobile version. • For online shopping sites the ecommerce reporting is helpful to understand the customer behavior, improve online merchandising and drive revenue. • The acquisition feature helps you to know the ways by which visitors are getting to your site. which gives information on if it is a direct response, via social media referrals or natural inquiries etc. You can increase your organic search rate by adding more keyword which make visitors land on your page. • The bench marking feature in google analytics help you to compare your site to that of the industry standards which gives you information if your website is performing according to the industry benchmarks, or if it

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