Google: Berian's Autocratic Style Of Leadership

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Berian Stephen Martin
Berian’s style of leadership is sort of democratic, this allows team participation, and increases the team’s motivation, gives them responsibility over the task, and helps them share ideas to get to the best conclusion, while still giving him some authorization over the task or situation, mistakes and errors may happen, but they will mostly be used as a learning experience and to develop new skills. Stephen prefers the democratic style of leadership. This style of leadership can be beneficial if employees have a good idea that can improve the performance of business. If an error or mistake occurs, or if a task is important to the business and needs a response as soon as possible, he has to adapt a more autocratic style
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This theory has been practically seen in Google which keeps on prospering the company’s current dominant position is attributable to the synergistic benefits of its organizational structure and organizational culture.

Google’s organizational structure is always in the support of Google organizational culture which leads to a high success and innovation.
Google has a cross-functional organizational structure, organizational structure has three main characteristics:
1. Function-based definition
2. Product-based definition
3. Flatness

Google uses some functions for basing their employees in groups.

For example the Google has its own sales team and a team for sales promotion they have their own engineering department and designing team.
Google also has a firm to employee people for fiber business. The organization has considerable flatness. A flat organizational structure means that Google’s team and employees can always by pass middle management and can always report to the CEO, Directly.

Google’s organizational culture

The culture at the Google is not very typical. Because of the effects of the firm, organizational structure. In essence, structure and culture interact to influence the capabilities of the
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Google has taken care of everything an individual need, the Google has everything planned at their main offices like providing them food, Gym facilities, a trainer for those who want to build Abs’. Sleeping pods and many others like growing their own food. so as an employee no one can ask for anything else and this has brought positive changes in the employees performance because they have everything inside the campus. For example if I am working in a company that doesn’t have any single quality of what the Google offers and it will affect my performance. 1: because I will have to think about where can I find the closest gym to work out? So I don’t get into a bad shape 2: I will have to think about my transport 3: when should I take rest 4: what should I eat and where should I eat. Can I find any restaurant somewhere close that can have the food which I can like? Having all these things in mind will definitely lead into a bad performance. But what Google has done is that they have provided everything the employees need in their campus which is leading towards the most successful company of the
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