Characteristics Of Hellenistic Art

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1. INTRODUCTION According to Sporre (1989: 92), the word Hellenistic is derived from the word ‘Hellene’, which means an ancient Greek. Sporre (1989: 92), also argues that during the Hellenistic period, the Greek had influenced the world with their artistic style and it became internationally known. Regardless, art in the Hellenistic period has its own identity and is classified as its own style and movement. The characteristics and philosophies of the Hellenistic art movement will be discussed in this essay. 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF HELLENISTIC ART Sporre (1989: 92) states that Hellenistic art took place during the Classical period dating from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC. After Alexander’s death, his generals divided his empire into kingdoms, says Sporre (1989: 98). Alexandria was the heart of the Hellenistic culture and was the greatest city in the world at the time. Sporre (1989: 92), stated that the Hellenistic world was wealthy, their lifestyles improved because of their wealth, their image and styles changed, and a person’s joy was seen as a psychological equilibrium and became the new philosophy. The characteristics of Hellenistic art is the redefinition of portraiture, claims Kleiner (2011: 153). Kleiner (2011: 153), argues that sculptors during this time sculpted the actual appearances of their subjects and personalities and that were in motion. Artists at this time portrayed emotion through movement, poses and facial expressions. Their sculptures are
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